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This is an informational website dedicated to parents who are going through the traumatic issue of a child custody battle over a child or children at the termination of a once great relationship.

For many parents it may be their first encounter with the law and the legal process.This can be a traumatic and stressful time and child custody questions abound-questions surrounding such issues as child custody forms, different types of child custody, child support calculator, child custody laws, joint custody laws,child support attorneys, child custody help for fathers,child custody laws,  child custody cases tips, child custody laws in the United States, child custody mediation, child custody attorneys, child support attorneys and many other common issues and  problems.

Just remember that your problems are probably not unique and many other parents have trod the path that you are on now.Hopefully the information you find on this site about the many child custody questions that commonly come up will help you in your legal proceedings.

We would strongly recommend that you browse the site and find the relevant information that is bothering you right now..but we would also strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a legal professional such as a child custody attorney to help you on your way.

Child Support

Child support is a huge issue for parents involved in a child custody dispute.

So you will find information about how to calculate child support and the slight differences in approach to child support in different states.

So we take a look at Oregon child support, Florida child custody laws, how child support is calculated in Maryland, California child support, how to check your child support payments online, Texas child support, where to get a free child support calculator for California and many other issues and problems around child support.

We also take a look at parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome and see what the difference is.

Child custody and who will win custody of any children in a break up or divorce situation is painful for all concerned. All child custody cases will be determined on their individual facts and there are no hard and fast rules which can be applied in all custody cases.


Child custody laws in the United States will vary from state to state but not hugely as each state’s custody and child support laws will be influenced and determined by the overarching Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) which has been adopted by most states in the US. We do take a look at individual states such as NYC child support and many other states such as Texas, Michigan, California but do take care to check out the websites for the individual state that is of concern to you.


Arising from custody battles some of the most difficult negotiations will arise between the parties and their attorneys surrounding the issue of child support. Child support enforcement is taken very seriously and the Child Support Agency oversees child support recovery and collection.


Each state will have their own child support office which will deal with recovery and attachment of wages and other methods of tracking absconding parents who fail to live up to their child support obligations.


Child support calculator

You will find a child support calculator on the website of most states child support/welfare office and generally these child support calculators will be in the form of an excel spreadsheet or an interactive child support calculator which will give you an estimate of what your obligation or entitlement is.


Keep in mind that this is a rough and ready guide and only an estimate; it is up to the family law court to determine the exact amount of support due.


Many of these child support offices will also help you to enforce court orders in relation to support and will also allow you to keep track of payments received and due.


Other common concerns in child custody cases involve grandparents concerned about seeing their grandchildren in circumstances where their son or daughter has broken up from the other parent of their grandchildren.


Treatment of grandparents in custody cases does vary significantly from state to state and if this is an issue of concern to you then you need to check the situation with a good child custody attorney in your state who will be well aware of the state’s laws treatment of grandparents.

Parental alienation syndrome is another hot button issue for many parents in a tough custody dispute.


Custody and divorce battles can be incredibly traumatic but it is important to always consider the wishes and interests of the child and regrettably there are no real winners in this type of case.


For this reason we would strongly recommend that you visit an experienced family law lawyer in your area if these issues are of concern to you to ensure the best outcome for you and your child or children.

We sincerely hope that the information you find on will better inform you about the child custody process and help you find the best child custody attorney for your particular situation.

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